Photo by Antonio_Diaz/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Antonio_Diaz/iStock / Getty Images
I don’t know how people navigate things like this without help from people like you.
— Family Matter Client
You helped explain the process to me in a way that made me feel calm and able to be patient when I was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety.
— Child Custody Matter

Legal Strategy Consultations 

I have a background in forensic psychology and work with an expert attorney to offer joint consultations involving legal stratgy with a mental health component. 

Our clients are law firms, professional organizations, and individual clients. 

Areas of expertise include: 


Family Law: Child custody, separation agreements, divorce, domestic violence 

Personality Disorders

Disputes between parties 

Consultations for individuals are availalble in my home office in Gaithersburg, or via Skype. Please contact me at for more information.