The Habits of Happy Couples

One of the largest research studies on what makes couples happy and sexually satisfied in long term relationships is going to be published shortly. In this study, 39,000 heterosexual couples who are married or living together were surveyed.

Here's a summary of some of the results: 

Couples who describe themselves as satisfied have sex more frequently than those couples who are not satisfied.

Satisfied couples have sex on average one or more times per week.

There were differences by gender on satisfaction:

  • Men prioritize mood setting, sexual variety, and sexual communication.

  • Women prioritize the frequency of orgasms, mood setting, and communication.

Praising a partner for something he or she did in bed, being asked and asking for what you want, and sharing sexy emails and texts are the types of communication that both women and men in happy relationships valued.

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Joanne Bagshaw