Much of the struggles that we have in our lives make sense when we put the connecting pieces from our past and present together. I love to witness my clients learn to do this for themselves, and untangle from patterns that hold them back from living fully in the present.
— Joanne Bagshaw

Couples Therapy

Is your marriage or relationship in conflict? Would you like to feel happier as a couple, deepen your connection and improve your sex life? I can help you learn how to resolve issues and conflicts, and have better intimacy and a more authentic relationship.

Couples are typically seen together, with occasional individual sessions to work with one partner when needed to enhance the couples work.

The benefit to working with a couples counselor who is also a sex therapist is that many marriage counselors do not have training in sex therapy, and are uncomfortable talking about sex with their clients. Relationship issues are one of the factors that can influence sexual functioning, so chances are that if your relationship is in conflict, or you and your partner are struggling, so is your sex life.

Common Issues that I can help you with

  • Ongoing conflicts

  • Infidelity and its aftermath

  • Exploring non monogamy

  • Poor communication and relationship skills

  • Mismatched sex drives

  • Long term couples looking to rev up their sex life

  • Using more effective relationship maintenance strategies

Ready to change and improve your relationship with your self or with another? Want to stop feeling shame around your sexuality? Willing to try a type of therapy that teaches you how to become more authentic?

Couples therapy
60 min $190 | 90 min $285