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Activate your inner feminist.

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Sexuality isn’t a label. It’s a powerful, unifying, invigorating life force.
— Joanne Bagshaw


Create a life you desire filled with authenticity, confidence, and resiliency.
And great sex.



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Many people assume there is a leap in power from “feminine” to “feminism,” and I think that’s worth exploring, particularly through our own experiences. It’s less about how the world defines it, and more about how you do.

From your unique perspective, what does it mean to be a feminist?

Commit to your one glorious, fulfilled, fully expressed life.

Joanne offers sex and relationship counseling for both couples and individuals on a limited basis. She also offers counseling for adult adoptees and supervision and consultation services for therapists.

The Feminist Handbook is not another angry fist shaking skyward, but a hand reaching out to pull you towards safety, to confidence, to articulation, action, and change.
— Joanne Bagshaw, author
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