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Counseling & Therapy Services

Joanne offers in-person therapy in Kentlands neighborhood in Gaithersburg,
and virtual sessions for clients based in the US.

Much of the struggles that we have in our lives make sense when we put the connecting pieces from our past and present together. I love to witness my clients learn to do this for themselves, and untangle from patterns that hold them back from living fully in the present.
— Joanne Bagshaw

Couples Therapy

Is your marriage or relationship in conflict? Would you like to feel happier as a couple, deepen your connection and improve your sex life? I can help you learn how to resolve issues and conflicts, and have better intimacy and a more authentic relationship.

Couples are typically seen together, with occasional individual sessions to work with one partner when needed to enhance the couples work.

The benefit to working with a couples counselor who is also a sex therapist is that many marriage counselors do not have training in sex therapy, and are uncomfortable talking about sex with their clients. Relationship issues are one of the factors that can influence sexual functioning, so chances are that if your relationship is in conflict, or you and your partner are struggling, so is your sex life.

Common Issues that I can help you with

  • Ongoing conflicts

  • Infidelity and its aftermath

  • Exploring non monogamy

  • Poor communication and relationship skills

  • Mismatched sex drives

  • Long term couples looking to rev up their sex life

  • Using more effective relationship maintenance strategies

Ready to change and improve your relationship with your self or with another? Want to stop feeling shame around your sexuality? Willing to try a type of therapy that teaches you how to become more authentic?

Couples therapy
60 min $190 | 90 min $285


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy addresses the psychological issues that lie beneath the surface of sexual problems. Often our physical “performance” is directly related to our deep-seated concerns, feelings, ideas, and beliefs about sex—in addition to our relationship struggles, biological functioning, and socio-cultural influences.

Sex therapy may sound strange, awkward, or intimidating to you, but that's because most people don't know what sex therapy entails. Sex therapy is just like regular psychotherapy, except that sex therapists have specialized training in sexual health and can diagnose and treat sexual disorders.

Sex therapists help identify and work through emotional issues that contribute to sexual problems by using cognitive therapy to change thoughts and attitudes, along with behavioral techniques that change physical symptoms and behavior.

Sex therapy is effective with individuals as well as couples, depending on what is being addressed.

Sex therapy interventions can include:

  • Psychoeducation about sexual functioning and the sexual response cycle

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Repairing relationship issues

  • Intensive therapy if necessary

  • Exercises and homework

Common issues that I can help you with

  • Painful Sex

  • Low Desire

  • Alternative lifestyles

  • Shame around sexuality

  • Mismatched sex drives

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Wanting to explore your gender identity or sexual orientation

  • Past experience with sexual trauma that is currently affecting your sex life

What can you expect?

To be very clear: Sex therapy never involves any sexual contact between a therapist and a patient. If talking about sex makes you feel nervous, you will be constantly assured that you are in a safe, supportive place where you can feel empowered to articulate your needs and desires in a way that is true to you. You can expect straightforward and compassionate guidance and feedback from me. We will work collaboratively to build your confidence and satisfaction with your sexuality and its role in your authentic, powerful life.

Individual therapy
60 min $175 | 90 min $255
Couples therapy
60 min $190| 90 min $285


Counseling for Adult Adoptees

Adoption impacts adoptees throughout their lives. Informed by her experience as an adoptee from a domestic, closed adoption, and in reunion with her birth family, Joanne uses her extensive training in trauma and relationships to help adult adoptees process grief, loss, and feelings of abandonment. Joanne can also help adoptees change life pattern issues that developed from the experience and trauma of adoption and navigate the joys, pain, and complications that are part of the reunion process.

Common Issues Adoptees Experience

  • Feelings of loss, rejection, abandonment, grief, and guilt

  • Confusion about or disconnected to one’s identity

  • Issues with intimacy, trust, and attachment

  • Low self-esteem

  • Guilt, confusion, and anxiety about the search process

What can you expect

Working with an adoption competent therapist means that in addition to clinical training, Joanne understands:

  • The impact that adoption has on an adoptee throughout the life span

  • How adoption affects attachment

  • The role that loss and grief plays in the adoptee’s life

  • The psychology of search and reunion

  • An understanding of the issues transracial, transcultural, and sexual minorities experience as adoptees

  • How abuse and neglect impact development

  • Cultural trends and perspectives of adoption and how they impact the adoptee.

Individual therapy
60 min $175 | 90 min $255
Couples therapy
60 min $190 | 90 min $285


Supervision & Consultation

Joanne offers consultation for licensed therapists and is approved in Maryland to provide supervision toward LCPC licensure. Supervision for pre-licensed therapists is based on an integration of feminist and developmental models of supervision. Joanne’s role in this process will be as both a counselor and teacher, and will create a relationship with you to help increase your competency and deepen your development as a therapist.

Joanne uses research on feminist supervision to guide this model and incorporate the following principles of feminist therapy:

  • An analysis of power, boundaries, and hierarchy

  • an emphasis on social context and diversity

  • an examination of the relationship of language to the social construction of gender

  • the promotion of social activism and ethics

  • life-long self-examination and professional development

What can you expect from feminist supervision?

Within a feminist-developmental model of supervision, you can expect that as your supervisor, Joanne will reflect on the inherent power balances within a supervisory relationship, and work towards an egalitarian relationship, while maintaining a safe and ethical practice of supervision. Joanne will provide a supportive environment, and safe and ethical practice of supervision, to empower you to grow professionally while ensuring that your practice does not support oppressive gender norms and other systems of hierarchy.